Celtic and tropical harps

Robin Grenon and GISÈLE GUIBORD

Concertists, musicians and renown harpists, a unique duo

Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord, renowned concert performers and musicians, form a unique duo. Since 1996, this duo has been performing all over Quebec. Through their compositions and their love for world music, they introduce you to eclectic pieces inspired by South American, Quebecois, and Celtic influences. In concert, the talented duo takes you on an emotional and colorful musical journey, creating a festive atmosphere. Discover the Robin Grenon-Gisèle Guibord duo.

"Parfum d’été This CD is a mesmerizing mix of music, styles and inspirations, with Celtic, wire-strung, and Paraguayan harps featured. The majority of the selections are Robin’s original compositions, with eloquent melodies and evocative arrangments. His ‘’Northern Lights Guarania’’ is deliciously sonorous, heart wrenching in its melancholic expressiveness. Through the entire album one is struck by the gorgeous fluidity of the harp playing of both Robin and Gisèle. Their musical lines interweave with the beauty and ease of two players with well-matched musical sensibilities. They listen to each other and respond and connect exceptionally. When you listen to ‘’Parfum d’été’’ you will indeed be sharing divinely with your heart many, many beautiful, poetic things. "
- Martha Gallagher, Folk Harp Journal


Robin Grenon & Gisèle Guibord

Since 1996, the harpist duo Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord has been captivating various audiences with their remarkable versatility, presenting their own creations and a diverse repertoire of South American, Celtic, classical, and popular music.

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…Ces deux musiciens chevronnés nous ravissent avec des sonorités cristallines et célestes, des musiques souvent enchanteresses, aux rythmes variés, dans des créations nous permettant de goûter aux plaisirs d’un instrument trop rarement joué.
- Jacques Garcia, Revue Paroles et Musique


Travel through music with the concerts of the Robin Grenon-Gisèle Guibord duo.


Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord, concert performers, also provide a range of personalized services with ambient soundscapes for your private events – weddings, cocktails, celebrations, private concerts, and funerals. 

Vous avez offert un concert qui a su toucher les auditeurs. Votre choix de répertoire, vos interprétations, les registrations et votre musicalité nous ont permis de passer un beau moment en votre compagnie. L’acoustique de la cathédrale a permis d’apprécier particulièrement la sonorité des harpes et une belle complicité avec l’orgue. C. Boulanger.
Les amis de l'Orgue de l'Estrie


Travel to the sounds of the Paraguayan, Irish, and Quebecois harps, and immerse yourself in the musical world of Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord. Their creations, compositions, and concerts are available in the Boutique. 

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