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"What could be better than one harp for your wedding or cocktail celebration? Two harps! Do you want to add a magical touch to your big day? It's original, unique, both romantic and modern. Enhance your celebration with a musical and harpistic touch. The harpists duo, Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord, celebrate with you. Carefully selected, they offer a musical selection for your festivities. Two formats available for your weddings, celebrations, and cocktails: a harp duo or harp and organ. Contact Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord for more information.

Mango Studios

Tout simplement, merci d’être ici ! Nous espérons très sincèrement que vous reviendrez refaire vibrer l’anse ! Merci à vous deux, Gisèle et Robin.

La gang de l’Anse-à-Beaufils

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